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“Sandy” Kids Watch KW-34 (CNE-KW34, CNE-KW34BL, CNE-KW34PP)

Artykuł: CNE-KW34

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Cechy produktu

  • GPS and LBS positioning
  • Two-way phone calls
  • SOS button
  • Location tracking for parents
  • “Safe area” geofencing setting

“Sandy” Kids Watch KW-34

This watch features all functions needed to watch after your child - location tracking, emergency calls, SOS button and more. Insert a 2G mobile SIM card into the watch, and start getting information about the exact location of your child on your smartphone using the Canyon Life app.

Due to the GPS sensor, you can track your child's location with an accuracy of up to 5 meters. New algorithms will save battery power up to 4 days on a single charge. In addition, the watch is equipped with such important functions as the SOS button, two-way calls, silent calling, pedometer, camera, and a game. The best solution for your child's safety at school, during outdoor activities and walks!


  • Control over kids' translocation​
  • Safety zone leave notifications​
  • Eavesdropping​
  • Remote photo


  • Two-way mobile calls​
  • Voice and text messages​
  • SOS alerts


  • Location tracking for parents​
  • Giving access to other family members​
  • Control over the watches of all children in one interface


  • Unique registration code for watch access​
  • Inability to connect and intercept access by a third party​
  • Compliance with current GDPR protection standards​
  • Strong 128-bit encryption technology​
  • Canyon Life IT infrastructure is located in Europe
  • Two-way mobile calls​
  • Voice and text messages​​
  • Location tracking for parents
  • ​Control over the watches of all children in one interface


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