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Canyon "Smart Coach" SB-75 (CNS-SB75, CNS-SB75BB)

Cechy produktu

  • Fully-featured for sports
  • Virtual smart trainer
  • Cloud data service
  • Ultra-precise ECG Sensor, measurements quality like in premium brands
  • Heart rate and acceleration sensors

"Smart Coach" Fitness Band SB-75

A real technological breakthrough in the world of sports gadgets created by Canyon! This fitness bracelet will support you as a virtual trainer on your way to success in sports. The gadget makes accurate measurements of such indicators as ECG, heart rate variability (HRV), readiness for training, stress resistance, the status of heart and muscles.

Advanced algorithms allow the Smart Coach band and the Canyon Life App to accompany the athlete's full life cycle: training, recovery, exercise readiness. High-precision sensors provide accurate and frequent measurements, which are 5 times the amount of the closest analogs. Reliable synchronisation with a smartphone ensures maximum inclusion in other aspects of your life. A super gadget for superior performance!

Virtual trainer

  • Plans your exercises based on readiness for stress
  • Calculates muscle status and level of recovery
  • Analyzes training history and identifies trends
  • Counts the heart strain and the level of general physical strength
  • Explores stress, energy and productivity levels

Ultra-precise sensors

  • Accuracy of measurements is on the level of top brands
  • Electrocardiogram with maximum precision
  • Heart rate monitor clearly tracks heart rate
  • Accelerometer counts the steps taken without error
  • Capturing all the data you need for a successful workout

Mathematical algorithms for activity analysis

  • Stress and productivity reports
  • Calculation of psychological and emotional factors
  • Saving activity history in the form of a calendar
  • Notifications to drink water, stop, or continue
  • Detailed statistics of sports activities

Capturing and recording statistics

  • Steps taken
  • Heart rate
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Calories burned
  • Goal achievement percentage

Always on!

  • Incoming calls and SMS notifications
  • Messages from social networks and messengers
  • Notifications about missed call
  • Synchronization with a smartphone
  • Simple touch button operation

Canyon Life mobile app

  • Developed inhouse by the brand team
  • Accurate and reliable storage of statistical data
  • Instant, reliable sync with a smartphone
  • Regular updates and in-house technical support
  • Compatible with most modern smartphones on iOS and Android

Compliance with data security standards

  • Data is stored in the cloud and reliably protected
  • Follows the strict GDPR standards
  • Account control from a smartphone
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Data encryption and access control
  • Virtual trainer
  • Canyon life mobile App
  • Data is stored in the cloud and reliably protected
  • Electrocardiogram, Heart rate and Accelerometer


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